the Control Group for Image-Based Lighting

our vision

The Control Group for Image-Based Lighting (CGIBL) is dedicated to establishing and promoting industry standards for Image-Based Lighting (IBL) fixtures in the field of motion picture and television lighting. Our vision is to enable collaboration between manufacturers and end users such as cinematographers, chief lighting technicians and lighting programmers to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance of lighting controls. By fostering a community-driven approach, CGIBL aims to elevate both the methodology and the artistry of IBL in the entertainment industry.

CGIBL is committed to a platform where working craftspersons can voice their requirements, insights, and challenges related to IBL, and facilitate the development of industry-wide standards that address their unique demands. CGIBL is dedicated to productive dialogue between end users and manufacturers. We recognize the importance of manufacturers’ implementation of lighting controls as well as their challenges. By providing a forum for communication, education, and feedback, CGIBL aims to bridge the gap between these two vital components of the industry.

The Control Group for Image-Based Lighting (CGIBL) is dedicated to a harmonious ecosystem where IBL fixtures seamlessly integrate with lighting control methods on a platform-agnostic basis, streamlining production workflows and empowering creative professionals to further push the boundaries of visual storytelling.

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CGIBL believes that principles of inclusion , diversity, and equity — articulated and action-based — can manifest the world we all seek to live in.